VaporArt have created a series of e-liquid ranges to suit most tastes. Available as shortfills, these gourmet blends have room for nicotine shots to increase their nicotine content. These are mainly 70% VG e-liquids that have been designed for use with sub ohm kits and tanks. You will also find 50% VG tobacco blends that have been designed for use with mouth to lung kits, including pod devices and starter kits.

Seven Wonders eliquids are mixed and bottled in Italy. This collection of premium blends are available as 50ml or 40ml shortfills, with room to add nicotine shots to them. There are 50% VG and 70% VG concentrations, so you can use this range with either sub ohm or mouth to lung vape kits.

Created in Italy, Super Flavor eliquids are a range of premium blends that feature dessert, fruit and menthol mixes. Available as 50ml shortfills, there’s room in each bottle for a 10ml nicotine booster shot. The 70% VG concentration of each eliquid means they work best with sub ohm tanks and kits.

Mixed and bottled in Italy, Valkiria are a unique range of eliquids, with dessert, tobacco and fruit blends available. Available in 50% VG and 70% VG concentrations, you'll find versions that can be combined with sub ohm tanks and kits, as well as ones that can be used with mouth to lung kits. Each shortfill has room for nicotine booster shots that can be added to increase nicotine content.

VaporArt eliquids are made in Italy. Their range of gourmet blends focusses on dessert and pastry flavours - for the vaper with a sweet tooth. Each 50ml shortfill has room for a 10ml nicotine booster shot, which can be used to increase nicotine content. For example, adding an 18mg shot will create 60ml of 3mg eliquid. These are 70% VG eliquids which should be paired with sub ohm tanks and kits for best results.