Smok Vape Hardware

Smok has continued to design and manufacture vape hardware aimed at vapers of all levels, specialising in sub ohm vape kits, tanks, and replacement vape coils. Building a name for themselves by creating hardware that offers enhanced vapour production, Smok have also created a series of popular pod kits that offer a simpler vaping experience. The options of mods and tanks available separately allow your customers to create their own custom set-ups.

When it comes down to vape kits, Smok offers a variety of options all of them featuring the specially designed chipsets for a fast ramp-up for a harder hitting vape. Smok sub ohm kits excel at creating larger amounts of vapour, while the growing number of Smok mouth to lung vape kits offer a simpler option. Smok vape kits present an option for vapers of all experience levels.

Smok vape coils have a well-earned reputation as being premium replaceable vape coils that deliver enhanced vapour production. Featuring organic cotton wicks for a better flavour, you’ll find Smok coil using exotic coil builds including strip, mesh and classic wound Kanthal. To support a growing customer base, Smok also produces coils of a higher resistance to better support mouth to lung vaping.

Smok mods are very powerful and have been designed to support sub ohm vaping. They feature modern chipsets that not only make them safer to use, but also give vapers access to a range of output modes. Modes such as Variable Wattage and Temperature Control allow for a more personal vape. As well as the growing range of Smok sub ohm mods, there are also versions available to support MTL vaping.

Smok vape tanks are most generally used for sub ohm vaping and will create some of the largest clouds. Especially popular amongst experienced vapers, they support a direct to lung vaping style. Featuring innovative coil technology, Smok tanks rely on a range of removable coils available in different resistances to suit different vaping styles. For discreet vaping Smok also produces a concise range of MTL tanks.

The Smok vape accessories are designed for use with Smok vape kits and tanks. Designed using Smok’s renowned expert engineering, this range of accessories includes replacement vape tank glass and protective cases and are constructed using the highest quality materials.